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The No B.S. & Total Assurance Guarantee Programs

When you own a FASTORQ tool you’ve not only made a sound business decision, you have a tool that will perform on the job the way you need it, when you need it. For more than 30 years, FASTORQ has stood behind the products it manufactures and sells. Our standard tools are the most reliable in the industry.

To better illustrate our commitment to you and our dedication to providing only the best quality in design, materials and manufacturing, we have overhauled our entire warranty program. Our products now carry a minimum of one year warranty (increased from 180 days.) Here’s an overview of the warranty program improvements by product line.


FASTORQ No B.S. Lifetime WarrantyThe NO B.S. Lifetime Guarantee Program

It’s as simple as the name implies: any product covered by FASTORQ’s No B.S. Lifetime Guarantee is covered for life. Period. Here are the details:


FASTORQ Total Assurance GuaranteesTotal Assurance Guarantee Programs


The Warranty Extension Program

As part of the new warranty programs, FASTORQ is instituting a cutting-edge Warranty Extension Program. Once a year, return your FASTORQ tool to us for maintenance and inspection (and calibration for torque wrenches). There is no charge for inspection and calibration but you are responsible for freight to and from FASTORQ. If the product is free of any damage or significant wear, we will extend the warranty for 1 full year – FREE!

If the product requires repair, we will provide a estimate for the cost of repairs. If you agree, FASTORQ will repair the tool AND extend a new warranty for an additional 1 year from the date of repair!

Not only do you get a free warranty extension, you’re assured that your FASTORQ tools are always ready to perform whenever you need them. If you have a FASTORQ product currently under warranty, call and schedule your free inspection today! 1-800-231-1075 (Toll free U.S. and Canada) or 281-449-6466 (Global). 

The “fine print”

All products manufactured by Fastorq are warranted against defects of material or workmanship for the period defined by product line/model from the date shipped when these products are used within the service, specification and pressure range for which they were designed and manufactured. Warranty programs vary in length of time of coverage by product line.

All products are potentially eligible for the Warranty Extension Program. Warranty programs are for customers in the U.S. and Canada but may be extended to customers in other countries under certain circumstances. Customers must complete online or mail-in product registration. Warranties do not cover loss or theft,  abuse, misuse, overloading or alteration of product or components. Freight costs to deliver product to FASTORQ is the customer’s responsibility; FASTORQ pays for the return shipping costs on warranty repairs/replacements. Repair or replacement will be determined by FASTORQ technicians.

Warranties are limited to repair or replacement of parts found by FASTORQ to be defective in material or workmanship and does not extend to claims for labor, expense, or other loss or damage occasioned by such defect of material or workmanship. No unauthorized back charges will be accepted. Warranties do not cover deterioration by corrosion, erosion, or any cause of failure other than defect of material or workmanship. Purchasers are expected to determine the suitability of FASTORQ products of their particular purposes. Warranties are in place and in lieu of all warranties of merchantability and fitness. No other warranty, expressed or implied, will be allowed without the written agreement of FASTORQ. Any adjustments to this warranty must first be approved in writing by FASTORQ.

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